Activists are blockading Yara’s synthetic fertilizer storage facility in southern Zealand, Denmark.

(Photos below)

Today (26.03.2018) at 7.15 o’clock activist part of the Free the Soil campaign have blockaded Yara’s storage facility for synthetic fertilizers on Masned island, Southern Zealand. It is time that industrial agriculture and the companies that profit from it are held accountable for there part in exacerbating the climate crisis. The Norwegian multinational fertilizer company Yara is the largest producer of synthetic fertilizers on the planet. Yara is partially owned by the Norwegian state, and has many fertilizer facilities in Denmark.

For too long industrial agriculture has hiding in the shadows of the other climate criminals. Around have of all global green house gas emissions come from agriculture. The agriculture industry.

Unsustainable industrial agricultural practices deplete the soil to such an extent that fossil fuel based synthetic fertilizers become a necessity for growing food. The production and use of synthetic fertilizers is the largest source of green house gas emissions from agriculture. The ”free the soil” campaign therefore wants to draw attention to the dangerous consequences of our dependence on synthetic fertilizers, and will take action against the industries profiting from their production and use in the near future.

It is time that industrial agriculture is exposed to the light, and that the agriculture industry is held accountable for their climate destroying activities. We call on people and groups to bring attention to the role of the industrial agriculture in the climate crisis, to take action against this dangerous industry and those who profit from it. If you or your group are interested in joining this campaign, please get in touch. Lets organize to shut down industrial agriculture! This campaign will work towards organizing a climate camp and mass action in 2019 towards the larger goal of shutting down the industrial agriculture system and industries.