Share actions and meetings against industrial agriculture to expose the industry and their devastating impacts and for inspiration to other groups by writing to and on the Facebook page.

Please share events that already took place as well as invitations to participate in upcoming events.

Next open Free the Soil meeting is in Berlin during the Wir Haben Es Satt demo January 18-20 2018. More info will be available on this site and the Facebook page when the meeting gets closer.

Climate & Justice Games Hannover November 13-14 2018 during the Eurotier week
In autumn the Animal Climate Action (AniCA) is planning the “Climate & Justice Games” at the same time as the EuroTier fair in Hannover inviting the climate and animal rights/animal liberation movement as well as other left-wing movements to take action in a common framework against the profiteers of exploitation and oppression. The EuroTier fair is a central location of trade, management and knowledge transfer around animal production.

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Free the Soil organizing meeting 13-14th October Hamburg

On the 13-14 October the first international free the soil meeting will take place in Hamborg. The meeting is open to groups and individuals who would like to be part of organizing the mass-action in and/or the agricultural and climate camp around the action. We hope that you and your group will come to the meeting, participate in the planing, mobilize to the action and camp and participate in both. Please let us know if you are coming to the meeting so we can arrange sleeping places and food. You can sign up by writing to, we have a PGP key.

Food Autonomy Festival #2, May 26 2018 Amsterdam
The Food Autonomy Festival in Amsterdam is about presenting and celebrating alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system under the theme of “Grassroots alternatives for a fossil free food system”.

From chemical fertilizers for large-scale monocultures to farm machinery and food processing and transport, the industrial food system heavily relies on fossil fuels. The consequences cannot be ignored any longer: climate change, ecological crisis, destruction of livelihoods… We need to take action!

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March 31 2018: Activists connected to the Free The Soil campaign, gave a presentation at the Skillsharing Festival in the occupied Hambacher Forest, raising and spreading awareness about the campaign, leading up to the open meeting in October 2018.

Striving for climate justice means connecting movements, and struggling together against the unsustainable system of industrial capitalism.


March 26 2018: Activists are blockading Yara’s synthetic fertilizer storage facility in southern Zealand, Denmark.

Activist part of the Free the Soil campaign have blockaded Yara’s storage facility for chemical fertilizers on Masned island, Southern Zealand. It is time that industrial agriculture and the companies that profit from it are held accountable for there part in exacerbating the climate crisis. The Norwegian multinational fertilizer company Yara is the largest producer of chemical fertilizers on the planet. Yara is partially owned by the Norwegian state, and has many fertilizer facilities in Denmark.

January 14 2018: Activists from the Climate Justice Action network say no to chemical fertilizers. The chemical fertilizers is a keystone in the industrialized agricultural system that destroy our soils and create climate chaos.