In the days between the 19th and 25th of September a camp on Agriculture and Climate-Justice will take place in Northern Germany in Sankt Margarethen. The Camp aims to be a place of exchange and education about the role of industrial agriculture in the current climate crisis. A broad program of workshops, lectures, films and a cultural program regarding the topics of climate, agriculture and non-hierarchical living forms are organized in order to exchange knowledge and ideas forms the basis to educate ourselves.

Furthermore, the camp serves as a platform to combine various social struggles such as anti-fascism, feminism and anti-racism and to include them in the fight for climate justice. It aims to provide space to think ahead of alternatives to industrial agriculture and to live life concepts away from the capitalist social order and for the possibility of collective dreaming of a better world.

The program starts on Thursday, 19th of September which is the official day of arrival. You are invited to come for the whole period of time (19.-25.) or for as long as you find time for it. After the 25th of September (official day of departure) we still need people to help tearing down the infrastructure at the camp. We are happy about every helping hand!

At the camp, the basic infrastructure like kitchen and food, toilets, showers, tents for meetings will be provided.

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