About the action

The action

The goal of the Free the Soil Action is to shut down the Synthetic nitrogen production facility of Yara, in Brunsbuttel, Germany. We will do this by blockading with our bodies, in a similar fashion to other environmental mass actions. Please read the action Codex (here). The action will take place sometime between Sunday the 22nd and Wednesday the 25th. If you want to take part in the action, please arrive on Saturday at the latest, so that you can take part in action trainings and planning on Sunday. The action will involve lots of people moving together, but of course autonomous and spontaneous actions are encouraged.


About Yara’s ammonia plant

The target is Yara’s Brunsbüttel production facility, the largest synthetic nitrogen production facility in northern Europe. At this plant, Yara produces Ammonia (using the Haber Bosch process), and Urea, both used for the production of synthetic fertilizers, along with other products. While no fertilizer itself is produced on-site, yara ships the majority of its ammonia to its fertilizer mixing facility in Rostock, either by boat (they have their own port) or by rail (there is also a rail loading station). Yara also produces Adblue, an additive for diesel engines which reduces pollutant levels (though not CO2 levels) in the exhaust. While they say this makes them a green company, we know that anyone who tries to extend the excuse for the burning of diesel is just leading us down the wrong path, and keeps us hooked on fossil fuels. No more fossil fuels! Be aware that this action is taking place at an industrial chemical plant, and that proper caution should be taken in the plant area. Pipes can be hot, floors can be slippery, and in general use common sense when moving around. There will be more information available about this at the camp.