We need to expose the devastating practices of the industrial agricultural system and the few companies that control it, and to shut them down! In 2019 there will be a mass action in Northern Europe shutting down a fertilizer production plant – to stop the destruction where it’s happening and to break down the legitimacy of the agricultural industry.

Why synthetic fertilizers?
The big fertilizer companies, e.g. Yara, Mosaic and PotashCrops, are pretty much the oil companies of the food system. The production of fertilizer is an highly energy intensive process using enormous amounts of fossil gas. The production and usage of synthetic fertilizers alone is estimated to be responsible for up to 10% of global GHG emissions when the reliance on fracked natural gas for fertilizer production and the related destruction of soil due to fertilizser use is taken into account. The big fertilizer companies do their best to make us believe that chemical fertilizers are needed in order to feed the world, when in fact farmers can stop applying chemical fertilisers without reducing yields by adopting agro-ecological practices. To secure and expand their markets, the fertilizer companies need the industrial agriculture system to expand to all parts of the world, and they need all of us to believe, that they are part of the solution for creating sustainable agriculture. We need to take action to expose their devastating practices, and to create space for real solutions to the climate crisis.

What to expect
The action will be an act of mass civil disobedience, using our bodies and our collective determination to overcome barriers and close down one of Europe’s biggest ammonia production plants. For the days leading up to the action we will create space for action trainings, affinity group meetings and action organization in order for all of us to feel safe and prepared.

Climate and agriculture camp
In the days leading up to the action, a Climate and Agriculture camp will be organized in close proximity to where the action will take place.

The camp should be a space for all of us to meet, tell stories, exchange knowledge and ideas and prepare for action. A space for practising alternatives to industrial agriculture and other ways of living in opposition to capitalist society. It should offer a space for collective dreaming of a better world and for connecting our various struggle of resistance.

Be part of organizing
On the 13-14 October the first international free the soil meeting will take place in Hamborg.
The meeting is open to groups and individuals who would like to be part of organizing the mass-action in and/or the agricultural and climate camp around the action.
At the meeting the suggested action plan and site will be presented, working groups will be created and together we are going to form a mass-action and a climate camp to free the soil and dismantle industrial agriculture.

We hope that you and your group will come to the meeting, participate in the planing, mobilize to the action and camp and participate in both.

Please let us know if you are coming to the meeting so we can arrange sleeping places and food. You can sign up by writing to freethesoil@riseup.net, we have a PGP key.