What to bring to the action

Things to consider when packing

The action is taking place at the end of September in northern Germany, so the weather can be either very warm and sunny, or very rainy and cold. Please pack accordingly, and bring clothing for both possibilities to the camp. As well, the area where the camp and action is located is a very flat and wet area, with lots of small canals and water features. Thus, waterproof clothing and shoes is highly recommended, as well as extra chances of dry clothes.

There will be no white suits, as there has been a desire from the free the soil movement to have a more colorful appearance, so plan your outfits accordingly. Similarly, there will not be particle masks to keep the dust away, so bring a bandana or some extra clothing to keep the dust out of your face. There is a chance that the occupations and blockades will last overnight, so please be sure to bring warm clothing, and something to sleep on, and a sleeping bag that can get dirty.

The ability of logistics to deliver food and water during the action is not going to be possible, so please bring enough food and water for you and your affinity group with you into the action. Similarly, a way to use the toilet, as well as toilet paper is highly recommended.

Packing list

  • Sturdy, warm shoes (preferably hiking boots, waterproof if possible)
  • An extra pair of shoes (such as tennis shoes) in case the first pair gets wet
  • Tough, warm, old clothes that may get dirty and are warm enough (long underwear etc.)
  • Winter jacket, possibly snow trousers/snow suit
  • Long underwear
  • An extra change of clothes, in case you get wet. An extra pair of light shoes if the other pair gets wet
  • Rain clothes, including rain pants
  • umbrellas
  • Thick woolen socks
  • Thick and sturdy gloves
  • A piece of cloth/scarf (useful for many purposes: protection against the cold, against pepper spray and tear gas, bandage…)
  • Food, enough for the length of the action (including real food and some snacks)
  • A sufficient amount of water (at least 2-3 litres), for drinking and rinsing your eyes. Very dependent on the weather, bring more for warm weather
  • Entertainment or a spontaneous workshop for the blockades
  • Superglue
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, be sure to take any identity papers or other things that could identify you (such as bank cards) out of your bag. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to remain anonymous, then bring your ID.
  • A small amount of money which may come in handy when police detains you and then releases you at a distance from the camp and you may need to make your way back (of course, we will try to provide transportation in this case, but better safe than sorry)
  • First aid kit for smaller injuries
  • Rescue/thermal blanket (the gold/silver ones) – good against the cold
  • An amount of any medicine you need to take regularly that is sufficient for the period you intend to stay in the action plus a bit of extra in case you get detained
  • Sleeping bags and/or blanket that can get dirty and keep you warm during the action.
  • Sleeping pad, which is not inflatable
  • A strong torch you can use for walking at night
  • A tarp to protect you against cold and rain
  • Banners with political messages
  • Some nice and eco-friendly decoration for the place of action
  • Books, playing cards or anything else to keep you busy when in a long-lasting blockade
  • Musical instruments that are not too sensitive (could get dirty or broken)
  • Earphones and (if available) radio or smart phone with radio (to listen to translations). Ear plugs are also nice if you need to sleep.