The camp will be a self-organized space. That works when everyone actively participates and takes part in the camp life. Tasks can be toilet cleaning, cutting veggies but also give whisper translation or you realize there is a task that no one thought of so far… The infotent is where all the tasks are collected and schedules give an idea when, where, which task may be done. For most tasks there is no pre-knowledge necessary, still there will be people on the camp who are responsible for the area.
We wish that especially tasks like childcare, cleaning and cooking are distributed gender balanced.

Also an active participation in the organization of the camp is welcome. We try to live grassroots democracy on the camp. This means everyone has the possibilities to share wishes and ideas.
In the big camp plenary every morning after breakfast there will be an exchange of information about the daily routine, other important information and there is room for questions, concerns, topics that have to be discussed and tasks that still need to be distributed or created.
After lunch there will be one hour of working group and self-organizing time. Orga groups meet in this time and discuss specific tasks and issues. You are welcome to join these meetings. More infos you find in the Info tent.

You have a topic you want to share and discuss or a project that you still want to present although it’s not part of the program? Well a big part of the program is already fixed but there will be an open space for skillshares and creation. Also spontaneous music or performances are very welcome.

We are looking forward to inspiration, good mood and discussions!


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