Practical infos about the Free-the-Soil camp

The Agriculture and Climate-Justice Camp is a collective camp. This means that we bear common responsibility to make the camp run smoothly, that it stays appropriate and to make sure that everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe. And we encourage everybody to take part in organizing the camp!

At the camp, you will find a welcome and info tent, circus tents for plenaries, music and talks and tents for the discussions and workshops and spaces for media and communication.

The program- and infobooklet is already available online (Download here). As we will have a limited amount of booklets at the campsite, you are welcome to print it out or bring it digitally with you.

There will be a kitchen on the site providing us with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Le Sabot and Die Maulwürfe will be preparing food for camp attendees. If you have special needs e.g. because of allergies or food intolerances please give us a short note and write to camp-freethesoil(at) (PGP) in advance and come to the info tent when you arrive at the camp.

Furthermore, there will be basic provisions such as water, waste water, first aid, electricity and toilets as well as a bar with drinks on donation.

And of course there will be a family and kids space and Awareness and Chill Out Locations for support and recovery.

We are all together responsible for the camp and thus ask all participants to contribute to a positive and constructive atmosphere. Together we carry responsibility for the cleaning jobs, cooking and the like. Can you help with something? Throughout the duration of the action camp you can drop by the info-tent to see what still needs to be done.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Sankt Margarethen!


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