We are organizing a comprehensive program for the Agriculture and Climate Justice Camp, packed with workshops, talks and open spaces:

19/9 Thursday arrival + half day of program
20/9 Friday full day of program
21/9 Saturday full day of program
22/9 Sunday Workshops, discussionen and trainings around the topic “actions for climate justice and a just agriculture”
23/9 Monday Collective action day for climate justice and a socially and ecologically just agriculture
24/9 Tuesday Evaulation of the action day, networking, view into the future, cultural program
25/9 Wednesday Collective ending and departure


On the first three days there will be a series of talks and events, the current state of the program is listed below. Information regarding the remaining days will be published on the homepage and on the camp.

19/9 Thursday:

3pm 7:30pm
Tent A Capitalism, growth and destruction of nature
Tent B Growing power: Mega-Mergers in agribizz and the fight for our food system
OpenSpace Open
Big tent tbd


20/9 Friday:

10am 3pm 7:30pm
Tent A YARA in Mozambique Revolution in rojava and agricultural cooperatives
Tent B Peasant farming vs.organised, planned, communal agriculture National Settlers
Tent C Animal Production & Climate Change, Action against animal production in 2020
OpenSpace Open Open
Big tent What are climate just agriculture politics?


21/9 Saturday

10am 3pm 7:30pm
Tent A Paludiculture Karla*hof
Tent B Animal ethics and animal liberation – introduction in human-animal relationship Working conditions in industrial animal production
Tent C The Need for Antiracist Practice in the Climate Justice Movement
Tent D Gastivists Chemical fertilizer and haber bosch
OpenSpace Open Open
Big tent