Free the Soil works towards organizing a mass-action of civil disobedience and an Agriculture and Climate Justice Camp in northern-Germany near the city of Brunsbüttel, September 19th-25th 2019.

Our next international plenary will be 14.-16. of June. More info to be announced.

Contact us for questions and more info

Organizational structure

The campaign is organized as a handful of semi-autonomous Working Groups (WG), each working on different points: Camp Programme, Camp Infrastructure, Action, Finance, Research, Outreach and Process.
In Free the Soil decisions are taken by consensus, and big decisions concerning the whole campaign is taken at the international plenaries. Working groups have the autonomy to take decisions within their area of work. Decisions within the different working groups that will affect other working groups’ processes should be taken collectively. For more info see: Presentation FTS structure

Organizing independently

Even if you aren’t taking part in the direct organizing of the camp and action, we encourage you to be active in any way you can! There are several ways to join or support the campaign: