There are several ways to join the campaign and dismantle industrial agriculture for climate justice:

On the 13-14 October the first international free the soil meeting will take place in Hamborg. The meeting is open to groups and individuals who would like to be part of organizing the mass-action in and/or the agricultural and climate camp around the action. We hope that you and your group will come to the meeting, participate in the planing, mobilize to the action and camp and participate in both.
Please let us know if you are coming to the meeting so we can arrange sleeping places and food. You can sign up by writing to, we have a PGP key.

Who can take part: Everyone can join! It’s up to all of us to dismantle industrial agriculture for climate justice together.

The camp and mass action will mainly be organized by decentralized groups taking on different tasks, we therefore encourage you to find a group to get organized with if you don’t already have one – but individuals can also join the October meeting to help organize.

Contact us for questions and more info

Ideas for slogans:

  • Food for people not crops for profit
  • Synthetic fertilizers create climate chaos
  • Think wiser, don’t use chemical fertilizer