The second international Free the Soil organizers meeting

The second international Free The Soil organizers meeting will take place in the weekend of January 18.-20. in Berlin. The meeting is open to groups and individuals who would like to be part of organizing the mass action and/or the Climate and Agriculture Camp in September 2019.

This is the same weekend as the large ‘Wir Haben Es Satt!” (We’re Fed Up) agricultural demonstration, so we will be having the meeting Friday and Sunday, and joining the demonstration on Saturday. The meeting will start already at 10:00 o’clock in the Morning Friday and finish at 17:00 o’clock on Sunday the latest. See the programme below.
Please let us know if you are coming to the meeting so we can arrange sleeping places and food. You can sign up by writing to (PGP). If you need accomodation any of the days, please write that in your
mail too. We hope to be able to find accomodation for those who need it.


During the weekend we will be staying at the ‘KuBiZ Raoul Wallenberg’ at Bernkasteler Str, 78.

How to get there: From Berlin Central Station take the S9, direction Flughafen Berlin Schonefeld and exit at Alexanderplatz (3 stops). From there take tram M4, direction Falkenberg, exit at Berliner Alle (11 stops). From there KuBiZ is about 5 minutes walking. Should take about 50 minutes in total.

Tickets: It’s in price-zone AB, and you can buy a 4 trip ticket for 9 euro. To be more flexible, good for the Saturday as well, there’s a ‘Berlin Welcome Card’ for 33.50 and with that you can travel in Berlin for 4 days.

Accommodations: We can stay at the KuBiZ for sleeping as well. There are around 35 beds to use, and the rest of us can sleep in the meeting rooms, similar to Hamburg. (If you have special sleeping needs please contact us in advance so we can organize this) We are currently still checking about staying here on Thursday evening as well, but otherwise we can arrange this in a more decentralized way with the help of Ende Gelande Berlin.

Food: There will be a kitchen view making 3 meals on Friday, preparing sandwich stuff for Saturday, and 2 meals and sandwich stuff to take on Sunday. This will be on donation-basis. We will know the exact amount per day closer to the weekend and once we know how many people attend.


Friday 18/1

  • 10:00 Welcome and GAME – get to know each other + practical info about the weekend
  • 10:30 Intro to FTS – what is the campaign, action and camp?
  • 11:00 Working with consensus – structure of campaign
    • Short Break
  • 11:30 Update from WG – any points for discussion that are relevant for the whole group? + what do the groups need support for?
    • Camp infrastructure group: Location for camp
    • Outreach group: FTS identity/story
  • 12:00 Researcher – final decision can be made after lunch
  • 13:00 LUNCH
  • 14:30 Communication between working groups and within the campaign + NextCloud
  • 15:30 Working group time
  • 17:00 Action codex (See Attachment)
  • 18:00 How to participate in demo as FTS?
    • Discussion/preparation for the demo in smaller groups
  • 19:00 DINNER

Saturday 19/1:

  • “Wir Haben es Satt” demonstration (more info here)

Sunday 20/1:

  • Budget + fundraising
  • Communication within and between Working groups
  • By2020WeRiseUp ( )
  • Action Working group
  • (Camp infrastructure)
  • Closing games and socialising
  • (We will keep programme open for points that pop up + discussions we think are important)


Contact us for questions and more info.