Hambacher Forst: Solidarity with the anti-gas resistance in Brunsbüttel!

This post was found on: https://hambachforest.org/blog/2018/10/18/solidarity-with-the-anti-gas-resistance-in-brunsbuttel/ Solidarity with the anti-gas resistance in Brunsbüttel! In connection with the Global Gasdown-Frackdown action days last weekend, we wanted show our solidarity with the over 20 local initiatives and environmental organisations resisting the construction of the first German LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) import-terminal in Read more…

Open letter: Brunsbüttel rises against LNG Terminal

Plans of a new LNG Terminal to be built in the city of Brunsbüttel, have made local groups resist!
The plan is to open Brunsbüttel port up for bringing LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas – all the way from Qatar and the US. The local group states a claim to be included in the planing process and wants to work for an overall rejection of the plan of the LNG-terminal.

Free The Soil actively supports this local struggle in Northern Germany by having signed an open letter to the town hall of Brunsbüttel.