#FlameOver – Activists disrupt FLAME gas-conference in Amsterdam

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This morning (14.5.19), several groups of people disrupted the FLAME conference in Amsterdam, Europe’s biggest gas industry conference. #FlameOver
What ?
  • This morning, several groups of climate protectors disrupted the 25th birthday edition of Flame
  • Protestors entered the five-star Okura hotel in Amsterdam, where Flame is being held, and disrupted the conference before being forcibly removed. Speeches and protest continued in front of the hotel.
  • One person was arrested, journalists were ejected and the security heavily reacted towards all protestors showing how desperate the gas industry is to keep its dirty business dealings a secret and away from the public gaze.
  • It was reported that senior RWE speaker Andree Stracke said from the stage: “Industry is underestimating the pressure and the will of the people to switch to renewables”.


See the video here!

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