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2019 – a great start!

In 2019, we organized a camp to bring people from the climate justice movement together with farmers and other people active for a just agricultural system. Subsequent to that, we took action and blocked YARA, the biggest nitrogen fertilizer company worldwide, at it’s factory site in Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany. Both, at the camp and the action, many people participated, took over responsibilities and traveled a long way to make this happen! Thanks again to everyone who made Free the Soil possible and to such a success! You are great!

We had some time to rest after these crazy weeks in September and came back together as the old crew who organized Free the Soil last and this year. But after some good time for reflection and celebrating we looked into the future…

What will happen now? And what will happen in 2020?

Free the Soil has just started! The devastating impact of industrial agriculture and the climate crisis are still reality and make injustices worldwide worse day by day. We can’t stop where we are right now! We have to get back together, think about more targets, exchange more opinions and act right now! To have a common ground on how to act in 2020, we will meet again in January 2020 for an open plenary weekend. More information will follow soon!

Keep in mind: resistance is fertile!
See you all in January!

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