International ‘Free the Soil’ meeting, June 14.-16. Lüneburg (DE)

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Our next plenary, the 14-16th of June, is going to take place in Lünenburg.
We will start Friday with lunch and then the meetng will start around 14:00.
Our meeting will be taking place at ‘Finke’, a Cofeeshop & Community come-together place..ish at “Finkstraße 4, 21335 Lüneburg”.
The meeting is as always open to anyone who would like to be involved in organizing Free the Soil in some way or another, so don’t hesitate to join!

For sleeping the local crew will work out a solution similar to Bremen, where those who need it can stay at private peoples places.
It would be really great for us to know approx how many are coming and if you need accommodation organized, so it would be awesome if you would write us on

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