Third ‘Free the Soil’ meeting, Bremen (12.-14. of April)

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We are excited to invite you to our next physical meetup and plenary on Friday 12th of April until Sunday 14th, in Bremen (DE)! Here’s some more info.

We plan to start with lunch at 12h on Friday, and end the weekend by Sunday at 16 o’clock.

The programme:
The agenda of the meeting is still in progress, but what is clear is, that there will be time for the different WGs to get together, bigger plenary discussions, as well as social elements.

The meeting will start at the Klimawerkstatt (Westerstraße 58, 28199 Bremen) where we will be until the evening, where we will go to the Zionsgemeinde, a church community center used by many groups and social projects. It’s got rooms that are actually big enough for us, a free-shop, a small courtyard with benches and a playground(!) This is where we will spend the rest of the weekend.

Sleeping and food:
In regards to the sleeping situation, there is basically two options:

1.) We can use the big meeting rooms for sleeping, as there is more than one we can have a non-mixed/FLTI*/no cis-men option if wanted. There is only one shower in the house.

2.) If you’d like more privacy, a calmer space or have other needs this is possible: there is a local group of 15 people from Bremen supporting the event. Don’t hesitate to contact this address to arrange alternative sleeping (or if you live in Bremen and have sleeping space to offer):

If we’re lucky the Bremen group might be able to organize decentralized comfortable sleeping for most of us, lets see.
In any case: Bring your sleeping mats and pads.

In regards to food the word is, that there will be very tasty vegan food from a great kitchen-crew(!)

In order for us to know how many we can expect to come (this is especially important for the kitchen-crew), we ask all of you to register, by writing to
The quicker you do this, the better!

Looking forward to a great meeting!

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