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12.30 yellow finger went back to purple

12.13 the turquoise finger is blocked by the police and can not move now

12.00 yellow finger tried to push through policelines

11.58 golden finger is being pushed back by the police, now there is a street party, people are singing

11.45 30-40 police vans are blocking the yellow finger

11.11 yellow finger with 40-50 people leaving purple now

10.30 people have been removed from the roof

10:10 6 out of 7 people that have been detained have been released from GeSa

09:45 According to the police, the people on the roof have lock-ons. Police is apparently trying to convince them to unlock.

09.15 Turqouise finger confirms the cooling towers are not running.

09.00 4-5 people on the roof inside

08:21 5 more people detained, 3 out of the 7 released again

06:10 at least two people are detained

03.30 a group (more than 10) went in to the facility of YARA

next day (24.9.19)

20.40 The third finger has now been evicted, people are going back to the other two fingers. A person has climbed up an electricity pole at the Yara site

18.55 20 people now blocking the third entrance

18.45 the permission for the Southern checkpoint has been extended until 3pm tomorrow

18.05 according to a journalist, the police is not planning to evict the people

18.00 it has started to rain :/

16.25 Both blockades (turquoise and purple finger at both entrances) are still standing. Damages on train tracks, that were attributed to Free the Soil activists earlier, now turned out to be old cases and the detained person has been released

11.45 toilets at the camp are getting emptied!!

11.44 all the people who were detained have now been released. A camp shuttle is getting ready to pick them up

11.40 Turquoise finger blockading the west entrance, purple finger blockading the east entrance

info from the legal team: 16 had been detained during the nights action. 11 in total have been released and are back. 5 are still in detention

11.10 4 people who were detained are released and back at camp

11.05 The fingers are meeting each other

10.40 Purple finger turning north

Purple finger are singing: “Strong in solidarity we stand” in kanon

10.38 turquoise finger turning west on Holstendamm
10.06 turquoise finger is heading north on road 431
10.06 purple finger are heading west
Count: 200 people in the purple finger
10.00 turquoise and purple finger are leaving the camp
9.30 fingers getting ready to leave

5.01: 8 people were taken into custody by the police.

4.30: 4 people were taken into custody by the police.

1.35: A smaller group was taken into custody by the police


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