Food Autonomy Festival #2, Amsterdam (NL)

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The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) in Amsterdam is about presenting and celebrating alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system.

We are happy to announce the theme of this second edition: “Grassroots alternatives for a fossil free food system”.

From chemical fertilizers for large-scale monocultures to farm machinery and food processing and transport, the industrial food system heavily relies on fossil fuels. The consequences cannot be ignored any longer: climate change, ecological crisis, destruction of livelihoods… We need to take action!
How can we move towards a fossil free agriculture and food system?
During the FAF, various collectives will present concrete alternatives to become autonomous from agro-industrial corporations and fossil fuels. From practical activities to talks and debates on agroecology, urban farming and land struggles… Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute and be part of a necessary transition.

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