Folkets Haus: Solidarity-party in Copenhagen (DK), Dec. 14th

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Friday 14th the Folkets Hus (People’s House) in Copenhagen is hosting a party in solidarity with Free the Soil and the Climate Collective.
Vegan food for all begins at 19’o’clock, alongside the sweet tunes (Slow house, Deep House, Tech House, mm).

All the surplus money go to the Free the Soil campaign and to the Climate Collective from Copenhagen.

Folkets Haus is the electronic lounge and pre-party in Folkets Hus (the Peoples House).
At Folkets Haus there is space for everyone, who gives space for everyone. Here we give the finger to racism, sexism, heterosexism and other sorts of discrimination. But we meet people with a smile and ♥ for everyone who gives a smile and ♥ back. So come dance through the night, take care of each other, respect each others’ boundaries, wishes and sexuality.

And don’t forget, that we are activists behind the bar, not employees. So give a smile and a high-five, when you see, that we’re in a hurry 😉

The DJs of the night will be:

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